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Kuwait EPA

Agencies with Environmental Responsibilities in Kuwait
KEPA is the lead government agency entrusted with the Environmental responsibilities that revolves around the environmental management and protection. The other organisations have an operational level in the environment to a greater or lesser extent.

Governmental Responsibilities (Source: UNDP for Kuwait, 2011)
Environment Public Authority (EPA) Protection of marine and terrestrial environment
Work Environment
Hazardous waste management (including trans-boundary transfer & disposal)
Air pollution
Impact Assessment of development and Industrial Projects
Public Authority for Industry (PAI) Planning of Industrial Estates
Industrial waste Management
Ministry of Oil Conservation of natural and oil resources
Public authority for Agriculture and Fisheries Resources (PAAF) Protecting Wild life, greening, agriculture, grazing, fishing activities and fish resources
Ministry of Health Occupational Health & Safety , Radioactive waste & Exposure & Bio hazardous waste
Kuwait Municipality Land use Planning , Cleaning Laws, Municipal waste collection transfer and disposal , preparation of Master Plans
Ministry of Public Works Sanitary waste water network and treatment , utilities and infrastructure works
Ministry of electricity and Water Water desalination and network , power supply , protection of water resources(surface and ground water)
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) All form of research and investigations on environmental resources and environmental issues.
International Environmental Conventions

Kuwait has signed and ratified a number of international environmental conventions namely: